Where do You Find Artwork for Your ScreenFlows?

Often when I’m creating a ScreenFlow video, I’ll want to break up a monotonous stretch of screenshots (or my own talking head) with some interesting, relevant photo or artwork. Unfortunately, I have the eye of  a near-sighted mole under a bright light when it comes to taking photos, so taking  my own photos is out of the question.

We have an occasional monthly subscription to Shutterstock, which has some fabulous professional, royalty-free photos and art that I often use. Another favorite place of mine is Flickr Creative Commons. (Before you use photos you find on Flickr, make sure you fully understand Creative Commons licenses.)

And here is a list of several good royalty-free photo and artwork resources you can check out for your own videos:


Another great resource is Pic Findr, which searches multiple sources for pictures and artwork on the web, based on your keywords.

What other photo or artwork sites do YOU recommend?


  1. Great list of resources, Stock Xchng in particular is fantastic as it offers free stock images, just downloading some for use on the blog & in educational contexts at the moment. I really appreciate the heads up on the resource, I have been struggling to find an affordable stock image resource for some time.

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