Live Streaming to the iPhone with Wirecast

Derrick Freeman is an Instructor, and Video Streaming and Compression Consultant, for Freeman Compression.

This tutorial covers how to configure Live Streaming for Apple’s iPhone and assumes you already have a Wowza application created for this purpose.  Read the What You’ll Need section below for more details.

First, select Broadcast Settings from the Broadcast menu.

Once the Broadcast Settings’ Dialog opens select the Encoder Preset Drop-down menu and select Flash Low Bandwidth. Since you’re delivering your stream to Wowza’s Flash Media Server, you need to select RTMP Flash Server under Destination.

Next, under Address add the protocol, ip address of the server and the application name.
It should look like this:


Remember to replace IPAddresstoWowzaServer with the ip address to your own Wowza Server, and iphonelivestreaming with the name of the application you’re using on Wowza for Live Streaming to the iPhone.

Now, under Stream, input the stream name and add the .sdp extension.  You can use wirecast.sdp similar to the example above.  However, keep in mind that the stream name can be whatever you want it to be.  Just make sure you add the .sdp extension to it.

Next, click on the Edit button within the Broadcast Settings’ Dialog.

It’s time to adjust your codec settings. The Output Format should already be selected as Flash. Under the H.264 Video Encoding Settings for width, choose 320 and for height input 240. You can leave the frame rate at 15 fps. Input 195 kbps for the Video bit rate. The Key frame every can be left at 60 frames. Most importantly, with the H.264 Video Encoding Settings, make sure you select the Baseline Profile. This is important because if you use the Main Profile, your Live Stream won’t play on the iPhone. It requires H.264 Baseline Profile at Level 3.0 and below. For your encode, with a frame size of 320 x 240, the Level will be at 1.2 (So H.264 Baseline Profile at Level 1.2).

Under AAC Audio Encoding, you can leave Stereo selected with an audio bit rate of 32kbps. The sample rate can stay at 22.050 kHz. Click the Save button to close the dialog. Next, click the Save button under the Broadcast Settings’ Dialog to close it.

Now it’s time to start your Live Stream. Navigate to the Broadcast Pull-down menu and choose Network Broadcast

and under the Sub-menu click the stream you want to start, similar to above.

Once you start your stream if you have Output Statistics selected under Layout you should start seeing information displayed such as FPS, CPU, Datarate and Time.

With the stream running this means it’s now hitting the Wowza Media Server properly.  This also means you can view the Live Stream on your iPhone.

To view the Live Stream on your iPhone type in a URL (similar to what’s displayed below in Safari) on your iPhone:


Basically you’re typing in http:// , followed by the ip address to your Wowza Media Server, next the name of your Wowza application, and lastly the the stream name.  The playlist.m3u8 is added to end.

That’s it! Now you’re familiar with Live Streaming to the iPhone using Wirecast.

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need for Live Streaming to the iPhone with Wirecast:

1. Wowza Media Server 2
2. Wirecast software
3. Internet connection with 1.5 Mbps upload speed
4. An iPhone

Keep in mind to perform Live Streaming to Apple’s iPhone you’ll need to have an application set up on the Wowza Media Server specifically for iPhone Streaming.  You can attend one of Freeman Compression’s Half Day Wowza Media Server Training classes to learn more about the application and server set-up.


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