ScreenFlow 4.0 Has Arrived!

We’re happy to officially release ScreenFlow 4.0 on!

This is a $29 upgrade for Telestream webstore customers (Mac App Store customers: See upgrade options here). This is our most ambitious feature release yet – chock full of powerful new post-production and editing features to save time and streamline your workflow.

If you own ScreenFlow already, you can read the upgrade instructions here. If you don’t already own ScreenFlow…what are you waiting for?! Purchase here.

Here is a list of all the new features in ScreenFlow 4.0.

Stay more organized

  • Nested Clips
  • Media library organization tools

Reach new audiences:

  • Closed Caption support
  • MPEG-4 export

Razzle-dazzle ’em:

  • Chroma key
  • Core image video and audio filters
  • Freehand callout support for all media
  • Formatting for display of Show Keystrokes
  • Cursor effect improvements
  • User-definable canvas size for new documents
  • Display of transition angles in degrees
  • Publish to Vimeo in 1080p option
  • Publish to YouTube as unlisted option
  • ProRes Alpha Channel Support in export on OS X 10.7+

Streamline your workflow and save time:

  • Dynamic Update of Media (This feature will not be available in the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow)
  • Recording timer
  • Paste a clip into an existing gap in the timeline
  • “JKL” keystrokes for fast forward and rewind
  • Zoom gestures for quick navigation
  • One-click starting and ending transitions
  • Visible timecode display
  • Scrollbar navigation for preview area
  • Default duration preference for actions and transitions
  • Numerical crop option for cropping media
  • Shortcut button for scaling timeline
  • Display of stereo audio waveforms in timeline
  • Single video frame export to a PNG file
  • Increased increment of timeline zoom
  • Improved access to gear menu
  • Improved document load performance and memory usage with QuickTime editing scalability improvements
  • Improved playhead positioning after pasting

Stay up to date with the latest technology:

  • Fully 64-bit in OS X 10.7 Lion and above improving overall performance, memory usage, export speed, and scalability.
  • Optimized, high quality, full-screen recording on Retina displays -optimized to record up to full 2880 x1800 resolution with low file sizes.
  • Fully ColorSync-enabled rendering

Version 4.0 also contains hundreds of bug fixes as well as improvements in memory usage and general performance.

We hope you enjoy this new release!


  1. Jiří Křivánek

    Dear Telestream – this sounds like a really great work:
    1. I am the MAS customer.
    2. I cancelled the MAS installation.
    3. I replaced it with the new and full telestream license.
    4. I did this as believe that this leap update deserves more than just an upgrade fee.
    5. I hope this helps you at least a little bit to keep going with ScreenFlow in this great direction.

    • Lynn Elliott

      I’m sorry you think that. At 30% of full price, it’s actually quite lower than the industry standard for such an upgrade. And with all the new features, we hope most people feel it’s a worthy upgrade.

      • Meems

        I too feel this upgrade price is outlandish. Some of the “features” that you mention were no brainers that should have been in SF3 as people were complaining about the issue of no freeform call outs and no nested clips long ago. So that does this mean, everyone who is on SF3 stops getting software updates as well? There are a LOT of bugs in SF3 that haven’t been addressed. Has everyone who spent $100 on that original software simply been abandoned?

        Please, I work at a software company. From SF3 to SF4, this is an incremental upgrade and it should have been free.

        • Lynn Elliott

          The software development business is always a balance between fixing bugs that exist — some that are inherent in our software, some due to the fact that we can’t possibly anticipate every workflow that our thousands of customers will use, and some introduced as new peripheral products get introduced – such as new Operating Systems and new cameras and microphones — and trying to add more value and stay atop of the latest online developments.

          We do offer our maintenance (bug fix) releases for free. But when we offer a release that has significant new features, we consider that an upgrade, and we charge for that. We feel that 30% of purchase price is a fair price to pay for one of our upgrades. And this is a fairly standard practice in the software industry. Take for example Apple (who introduce new operating systems and software yearly, at an upgrade price), and Adobe (regularly updating its creative suite software for an upgrade price).

          In ScreenFlow 4, although the interface has very few changes, (which we consider a GOOD thing, as we’ve worked hard to make it intuitive and easy to use; we would not change that without very good reason to do so.) we have made significant changes ‘under the hood’.

          -We have re-written the recording engine to take full advantage of Apple’s high resolution Retina displays. This requires recording double the amount of data – but still maintaining low enough file sizes as to not bog down your computer memory.
          -We’ve also taken advantage of some of the optimizations in Apple’s Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems, to make ScreenFlow run as a 64-bit application in these OS’s. This greatly improves overall performance, memory usage, export speed and scalability.
          -We’ve also changed our export system to use the x264 codec (which offers faster, higher quality H.264 exports than the previous QuickTime-based export).

          These are just a few of the new ‘under the hood’ features. (There are a great deal of other new features which you can see here:

          All these developments don’t come free. We are not a shareware product. Nor do we volunteer our time to create this product. We are a professional software company, with very talented engineers, testers and support staff. Our goal is to produce a product that people feel is valuable enough to pay for, that’s tested, and that we fully support. It’s a value for value exchange.

          I understand if you feel this release is not worth the price we’re asking, and in that case, you are certainly not obligated to upgrade.

          You mention that there are bugs in ScreenFlow 3 that have not been addressed. Is there a specific bug in ScreenFlow 3 that you would like to report? (@Meems: We don’t have any record of a bug report from you from this email address. )

          Please let me know if you have reported something, and we will look into it for you.

  2. Jiří Křivánek

    Unbelievable, the video filters are applicable also on photos, shapes, texts…

    Even better, the filter parameters can be also animated using the video actions (I love the SW which behaves just exactly according to my usage logic – I mean, I just try to do something the way I would expect it to work and voila – it just works!!!)…

    These two briliant features together allow to create the estonishing effects directly inside the ScreenFlow (rather than using the external animation program).

    On the other hand, there are some minor bottle-necks of the new version:
    1. The preview playing is much slower – there are glitches on the transitions, etc. which I was not experiencing with the SF3 on the same computer.
    2. When I was playing with the effects to learn what I can do, I was NOT able to see a kind of effect preview (at least on the currently selected frame) – just to see what I can expect from the filter even before applying it onto the timeline). I would also appreciate to have a group of the recently used filters – i.e. probably my favourite ones.
    3. The filters – sometimes (probably when I chained more than one) – raised some exceptions (errors) which only dissapeared after I restarted the SF4 (I expect this to be solved soon by some upgrade). And then the filter slots stayed empty (like there are some filters added but no filter name, no filter parameters)….

    Anyway, I think that this really is a great uphgrade and it definitely is worth of upgrading…

    Thank You!!!

  3. Stan

    I agree with Comment #2, but for a different reason. I de-activated my Screenflow 3 licence and re-installed it on 2 subsidiary computers. I purchased a Screenflow 4 licence and installed it on my main computers. Had I not done so & simply upgraded my original licence, I would pay Telestream a $29 upgrade fee (a true bargain for an underpriced, brilliant piece of software, by the way), and pay Leaping Brain 1/2 x $179 for my Leaping Brain Digital Publishing Platform. Instead, I paid Telestream $100 for Screenflow 4, and I Leaping Brain not a cent for their Software & Platform. Thanks, Telestream, for such a bargoon! I strongly urge Screenflow owners to act before the end of the month, when this offer expires.

  4. Nathan Hague

    I really need batch rendering. This is a deal breaker for me if not on the roadmap development. Could you please let me know here what is planned and timescales. Thanks!

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