Telestream & Aspera Enable High-Speed Delivery of Media Content Over the Internet

As the demand for live content explodes, so does the expectations for quality from the viewership. Capturing and producing content for live events poses unique challenges, and until now, remote production has been an unattainable goal.

Telestream and Aspera have developed a game-changing, joint solution for high-speed capture and production of live content. Production teams now can work on live video feeds from remote locations in near real time with the help of Telestream Vantage, Lightspeed Live Capture and Aspera FASPStream technology.

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Today, media companies reply on costly satellite or fiber-based infrastructure, and co-locating production teams and equipment to the event itself. Other alternative IP-based solutions offer low quality and high latency, so they are slow and cannot work with content that is being created. Instead these production teams must wait until completed files are transferred over the network via hot folders. This is not ideal and can reduce quality, as well as introduce unacceptable delays for time critical material.

Our solutionTelestream and Aspera have created a revolutionary, joint solution for high-speed capture and production of live content. This new solution enables live broadcast quality video from remote locations for faster production turnaround.

Telestream Vantage and Lightspeed Live Capture combined with Aspera’s FASPStream technology enables production teams to work on live video feeds from remote locations in real time. Transcoding, packaging, editing and other downstream workflows can start immediately, significantly shortening production time and increasing the quality of the produced content.

Now creative teams can now work on a live capture feed delivered from remote a location (across the country or around the world) while the event is taking place, without waiting for the entire file to be first written to disk and then transferred — all while editing in real time over the unmanaged Internet, which eliminates the high cost of co-locating a post-production crew and expensive satellite, IP and fiber connections.

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  • And for more on Aspera products, visit their website or phone 1-510-849-2386

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