Live Video Streaming Pros Use Wirecast Gear All-in-One Appliance

In today’s social media environment, anyone with a good idea for a show or live event—and the best live streaming software—can become a live video streaming pro. Just check out all the live videos and podcasts being shared on Facebook, YouTube, and other online and social media forums. These platforms not only enable live streaming to a world of connected devices, but they also give users the means to invite and entice followers to watch what they’re streaming.

So, if you’re looking to begin a streaming media initiative, such as a video podcast series, bear in mind that your videos will be seen on the same screens that viewers also use to watch the high-value, premium fare high-end media pros are producing.

As an individual, church, school, or small business, you may be wondering, what’s the best live streaming software that you can use to create content that impresses today’s media savvy viewers and competes for their attention? Wirecast Gear by Telestream was purpose built for this very challenge. If you have great ideas for videos or live events, or important information you want to teach or convey, Wirecast Gear takes the technical burden off your shoulders. Just plug your cameras and microphones into the back panel of this compact hardware appliance and become a live video streaming pro.

In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed how Wirecast works well on both Windows and Mac. But then you need to spec out and dedicate a computer to your live streaming shows. There must be a better way. Keep reading…

Live Video Streaming Systems

If you’ve googled search terms like, “Need a Streaming Computer” or “Find the best streaming solution”, you know the answer can be quite complex. Options range from just streaming from your own smartphone, tablet, or computer to buying a turnkey streaming system. While there are many affordably priced solutions out there, some hold the line on costs by limiting the quality or complexity of the video shows you can produce. Others leave you fending for yourself as you try to figure out how to configure your computer with the proper video capture cards, graphics cards, memory, storage, or other processing resources capable of dependably supporting the production volume and quality you aspire to.

Live Video Streaming with Wirecast Gear

As a content creator, the more supportive and intuitive your streaming computer is, the more energy and attention you can focus on making your show or podcast the best it can be. Wirecast Gear doesn’t leave you guessing how to configure your streaming computer, nor does it limit the creativity or look of the show. Whether you’re doing a single camera show or switching between multiple cameras and video sources, Wirecast Gear is configured with the necessary components and processing power—including hardware accelerated video encoding—to reliably produce and stream professional looking, multi-camera HD quality.  

At the heart of Wirecast Gear is Wirecast Pro live event production and streaming software, which integrates multicamera switching, live CG text, live graphics and branding capabilities, video layering, greenscreen keying, and more. Check out our previous blog post, “Using Wirecast for Live Video Streaming,” to learn more about Wirecast live streaming software.

As you build your show, every aspect of the production displays on Wirecast’s colorful, user-friendly interface. The toolbox is very deep, with exceptional, real-time video encoding, digital audio mixing, and the ability to use a second monitor for confidence monitoring. You can also send an auxiliary signal to a big screen display, and ISO record your cameras, all while simultaneously streaming to multiple online or social media sites.

Wirecast Gear Options

Depending upon your needs and preferences, there’s a Wirecast Gear for you. Wirecast Gear can be configured with HDMI capture ports for consumer cameras, professional XLR/TRS combo audio inputs, and full 60 frames per second workflow capabilities. Wirecast Gear also offers SDI input capability for pro camera setups. And there is an option for program output for confidence monitoring. With these options available Wirecast Gear is ideal for complex and demanding live event production workflows. And pricing for Wirecast Gear means cost barriers drop without sacrificing video production, encoding, and streaming quality. Leave it set-up in one spot or take it in a road case to a remote location. Wirecast Gear is ready to go whenever and wherever you want to stream your next live show or event. Click here for more information about Wirecast Gear and click here to download a free trial of Wirecast software to try it out for yourself.

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