3 Reasons Your Church Needs Live Streaming

I’m sure the question has crossed your mind. Why would a church need to live stream? In this blog, I am going to give you 3 reasons why you should live stream your church services.

Reason #1: Stay Connected Over any Distance

We are in the digital age. With more and more people having access to things digitally, from magazines to music, to movies, the same thing is true for a House of Worship.   As someone who is heavily involved in their community, Church, and the Broadcast Industry, the need to be online is great. Sometimes for my job, pre-pandemic era, I needed to travel to trade shows or the home office. When that happens, how can you stay connected with what is going on at your home church while you’re sitting in an airport? If your church is streaming, you can still feel connected, even though you are miles apart.

See how we helped the Central Moravian Church Live Stream to the World.

Reason # 2: Reach a new Audience Outside your 4 Walls

One of the greatest things you as a house of worship are supposed to do is take the message outside the four walls of the church. What better way to do that, than to stream online? Reach a larger audience than ever before! With technology where it is today, you can control the message. You can reach an audience on a cell phone, tablet, computer, or any other technical device for a fraction of the cost of cable networks. You also now gain a “worldwide” audience. How cool is that? Truly getting your message out to “all the world.”

From tithes to offerings to fundraisers, now you can link PayPal to your website or Facebook and help grow your church financially. If you have an audience and they consider you their home church, even though they are in another country, they want to help support you financially. This enables you to upgrade equipment and make the experience that much better. Maybe even offer a fundraiser to enhance the online experience. Don’t underestimate the power of online communities. We see new Kick Starters every day. There is nothing wrong with the church having the ability to raise funds through live streams to better the live stream.

Everyone today has a smartphone or tablet, even if they don’t have a computer. Sometimes folks in your community can’t get to your service due to illness, or frequent hospital visits, or weather depending on the time of year. So, this is a great way to continue building community and keep those who can’t physically be in the building, connected. It’s all about establishing, building, and keeping connections with people. So, if you can reach them where they are, it adds to the benefits of streaming. In our church, we don’t give out physical media anymore. We stopped giving out CDs about 5 years ago after we switched to thumb drives. We recently stopped with thumb drives 2 years ago. Now all services are archived for the community on our website, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and a host of other great platforms.

Reason #3 Adapting to Change

My final reason is adapting to change. The reason I say change is because most people will visit your church online now before they visit your church physically. They will check out how your church is online through your website, previous messages, kids’ church, youth group, facilities, by the videos you provide online.

Technology has changed how we worship.  Social media, streaming services, and Video On Demand have changed the way we receive the message.  All sizes of House of Worship organizations can benefit from live streaming.  We know new technology comes with challenges, especially for organizations that do not have a large technical staff.  Telestream is here to help.   Our Telestream Cloud Flip service prepares your Video for any screen, television, phone, or tablet, get started today and pay-as-you-go.


There is a solution! A solution that is made for times like these.  Even though the world is opening back up, there is still a need to meet people where they are.  That is where Telestream Solutions come in, helping House of Worship organizations reach the men and women they serve.

I am Lee Powell the Telestream House of Worship Business Development Manager; it is my mission to work and assist you and your organization to fulfill the vision that your organization is striving to complete in these challenging times to reach all those that need to hear the Good News that needs to be shared so every ear can hear and given the ability to fellowship wherever they might be in the world.

Telestream can assist with several solutions from software to hardware that can help facilitate live streaming, monitoring, and the production work needed to reach the lost and found, believers, and seekers.  Rather, it is to strengthen a spiritual relationship or start one the solution is the same and the mission to connect your organization to the people that need you is the driving force for me and Telestream to build a partnership and make technology work for the vision and the mission your organization has to your community.

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