New INSPECT Release Enhances IP Workflows

Migrating live video production from traditional baseband to network IP infrastructure requires effective, efficient, innovative tools that support the latest standards. Our INSPECT solution for IP monitoring of ST 2110 networks offers a comprehensive toolset for engineers and technical operators, enabling them to: 

  • monitor the health status of multiple programs in a MOSAIC display, 
  • view PTP stability status including Grand Master changes, and  
  • see detailed RTP packet header information.  

By incorporating this toolset with QoE assessments, INSPECT helps users quickly identify, diagnose, and remedy potential issues.  

Therefore, we are excited to announce the upcoming availability of INSPECT 5.2. This latest software update focuses on enhancing the user experience while improving connectivity to meet the demands of modern IP systems and ST 2110 standards. INSPECT 5.2 supports compressed and uncompressed content for effective monitoring of multiple programs in IP broadcast system. 

Read on to learn about the key new additions in 5.2: 

Comprehensive Workflow Monitoring with New Summary View 

Get a fast, comprehensive look at the health of your video, audio, and data with the Summary view.   

The Summary view includes picture, waveform, audio bars, and ANC session displays, streamlining the workflow for operators in MCR applications. When an alarm is triggered on the MOSAIC display, users can get an immediate view of the health of video, audio, and data components from the Summary display with a single-click. Audio quality monitoring has been enhanced to allow operators to listen for undesired pops, clicks, and other audio problems directly from a client PC. For systems with ST 2022-7 redundant configuration, two sets of displays (picture, waveform, audio bar, and ANC) are shown side by side, allowing operators to quickly verify there are no discrepancies between the primary and secondary programs. 

Produce UHD content at a lower infrastructure cost with full ST 2110-22 (JPEG XS) support  

Simplify the monitoring of compressed video with a single view of content decoding and metadata analysis. 

JPEG XS technology is essential for UHD content production and distribution with its ability to deliver visually lossless compression. This lightweight technology enables the efficient transmission of more programming without the need for greater bandwidth infrastructure, reducing the amount of equipment and costs.  

In response, INSPECT 5.2 can now decode JPEG XS streams over the ST 2110-22 standard, displaying thumbnail pictures in MOSAIC view and detailed pictures or waveforms in the Summary display for subjective monitoring. It also provides QoE scores for the decoded picture and lists metadata carried in the JPEG XS stream in the “SDP vs. Stream Comparison” section in the Detail view. This section also includes SDP data, “Detected” parameters, and VPID information to confirm consistency and ensure correct system setup. The combination of content decoding and metadata analysis/alarming simplifies the monitoring of compressed video programs. 

INSPECT 5.2 for IP monitoring and ST 2110 will be available in July 2024 for INSPECT users. INSPECT version 5.2 software is compatible with existing INSPECT 2110 models. For any questions or further information, please contact us click here to learn more

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